Petit Verdot

Sonoma Valley


Winemakers Notes

We source 89% of the fruit for this wine from Pickberry vineyard on the northeast slope of Sonoma Mountain; a rolling hillside plot on volcanic soil where warm days and cool nights promote optimal ripeness balanced by fresh acidity.

Petit Verdot traditionally plays a small part in Cabernet Sauvignon dominated blends. On its own, it displays aromas of sour cherry, plum and sweet oak. On the palate there are hints of sage and dried herbs leading to a structured finish with elements of vanilla and spice.

Our Petit Verdot pairs nicely with mushrooms, charcuterie and cheeses (try Bay Blue or Midnight Moon), or even a simple crouton topped with chevre and a bit of olive tapenade. This wine also complements beef and lamb dishes.

Wine Stats

Varietal: 89% Petit Verdot (Pickberry Vineyard),
8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Merlot (Rancho Salina)
Harvest: September 28th and September 30th (Merlot), 2015, 24.6 Brix average
Fermentation: 15 days in 1/2 ton bins, with up to three punch-downs daily
Alcohol: 14.2% by volume

Chef Kristine’s recommendation

I have a nice recipe for you all to try. This is a recipe for a pasta salad and we just paired it with our 2015 Petit Verdot. For the grilled portion of this main plate, I added a brochette of beef, pearl onions and little tomatoes, and- Wow! This is such a great pairing, folks. The Petit Verdot really responded on all levels, becoming fruitier and more mouthwatering. Its spice and acidity helped with balance. Yumm!
I start by using filet mignon and I make brochettes (that’s the fancy French term for meat on skewers).  Filet is expensive, yes. But- hardly any time needs to be spent prepping this cut, and there’s next to no waste. You’re not throwing away ounces and ounces of fat and silver skin, etc. like with other cuts. So, that helps with the cost, too. Next, I cube the meat into 1-inch cubes. Then I like to rub the cubes with a fresh herb and garlic paste and let the meat rest that way for several hours. Then I make up my brochettes and I’m ready to grill. This prep work is also handy for a large group because all the brochettes can be made up ahead of time and kept on hand in your fridge. The grilling is easy once all the prep work is done. And the filet? It’s so very forgiving- if a cube of meat is over a hot spot and is a little more “done” than another piece. No worries! It’s filet. It’s going to be tender no matter what.
Serve with my “Warm Pasta Salad and Red Wine Braised Mushrooms, Arugula, and Parmesean Cheese” dish, and you’ll have everyone smiling!

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